A cry of Freedom under Persecution

A mother of 10 dreamed of a world in which her family and her people would be free. She poured her convictions into poems that sparked a flame inside Afghanistan. Targeted as an activist and a Christian, the Taliban demanded her life – putting a notice of death on her entire family. 

A mother. A father. Seven daughters. Three boys. 

Letters threatening certain death held the fate of twelve members of this family, the youngest of which was an eight-month-old girl. 

Death is not the only thing families like this try to escape from. Often, the Taliban will murder the males and older members of a family while raping and selling the younger females as child brides. 

After immediately leaving home and going into hiding, this family contacted our Recovery and Extraction team to ask for help. Our team was able to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively, moving the family from their country to a new, safe location. 

In a neighboring country, the family has been provided necessities and support in order for them to remain together and re-establish independence. 

Those who stand for religious and personal freedoms remain under extreme persecution in countries like this worldwide. 

They knock on the door in the dead of the night.
When they don’t knock at all you’re more likely to die.
I should be too old to say so
but this war has made me afraid of the dark. 

Mariam Ghani; Notes on the Disappeared