A ground-breaking operation in East Africa has resulted in the rescue of 22 children.

In a resolute and coordinated effort, our team has successfully concluded a three-month operation aimed at combatting human trafficking in two prominent East African countries. This operation has included the deeply troubling occurrence of child sacrifice inside of these areas. 

Together, alongside dedicated local law enforcement partners and our steadfast team on the ground, we’ve made significant strides in disrupting these heinous criminal networks and the individuals that exploit and endanger innocent lives.

The mission was a continuous reminder of our unwavering commitment to justice, human rights, and the eradication of human trafficking in all its forms. 

Throughout the operation, teams diligently tracked and intervened in cases of human trafficking, liberating victims from the clutches of their tormentors, and bringing perpetrators to justice.

We stand united in our resolve to safeguard vulnerable individuals and communities and to put an end to this grave violation of human dignity.

Together, we’re taking a powerful stand against human trafficking and human sacrifice in East Africa, working to protect the most vulnerable and pave the way for a brighter, safer future.

22 Children were rescued during the operation.

25 At-risk individuals were Intercepted.

 24 individuals were arrested,  of which 4 were confirmed witch doctors, and charged with a range of human trafficking offenses.

While this operation is complete continued support and further operations are ongoing and our fight will continue until all are free.