“The traditional view of slavery is exactly this, selling another person for labor, specifically farming….

But who would think a parent would ever sell their child like they were nothing more than a piece of farm equipment.”

-Ren ; Founder

Taught to work on his father’s farm at an early age, all this boy dreamed about was living like a normal kid…

School, friends, time to play and learn.

But those dreams took away from his father’s plans. His lack of focus took away from the profit his father wanted to make.

His father determined that he was going to get what he wanted one way or another and sold the boy to another farmer in another country.

He would gain compensation and the boy would be someone else’s problem to deal with…

And just like that, as if he were a tractor or just another farm animal, this boy was sold into labor trafficking to work the rest of his life away as a slave.

We wish we could say that his is the only story like this, but it’s not. There are thousands more like him…

Though he has now been rescued and is safe, there are countless others who are not.

This is Human Trafficking.