13 years old – Intercepted before being sold into sex trafficking

What lengths would you go to in order to find a source of income?

Would you trust someone you didn’t know? Move through borders into new countries?

If someone stopped you to make sure you were safe would you lie? Ignore their warnings in order to protect those who promised you a position?

This is the power of grooming.

This is what happens when others opportunities are low and research is rare.

A 13 year old, who shouldn’t have to worry about income, was willing to do all of this in order to pursue something better for her life.

She was tricked by someone in her village. She thought she was going to find a job, something more for her future.

But really, she was going to be sold into prostitution, trapped in a future without hope or choice.

She has a story like many of those who are coerced into sex trafficking, but she was found before the abuse started.

This is why asking questions, knowing the signs, and watching for situations in communities and at border crossings are all things our teams commit to doing.

We fight to free those enslaved and we watch to prevent others from being caught in the same traps.

The more voices we have speaking out, the more eyes we have watching, the more teams we have who are equipped to handle these situations…

The farther we’ll go.

This girl is now safe and home with her family.