9 and 10 years old – Rescued from domestic slavery and sex trafficking

Close your eyes.

Go back to the time you were 10 years old.

Imagine the things you thought of, the things you struggled with, the excitement you felt at certain times…

For these siblings, their reality at 9 and 10 looked very different then ours did.

Instead of feeling the safety of family, they watched as their parents decided to separate.

Instead of struggling to decide who to live with, they were abandoned by both of their parents.

Instead of complaining about cleaning a bedroom or helping with chores, they were living on the street.

Instead of figuring out what they wanted for dinner, they were worrying whether they’d even eat that day.

Instead of worrying about grades or what they wanted to do when they grew up, they were searching for work anywhere they could find it.

The only option they could find was to sell themselves.

As one was working as a domestic slave, the other was trafficked for sex.

They began to see their worth as the price others set on their bodies.

Dehumanizing treatment began to be what they looked to for survival.

Children’s rights are to be loved, respected, and protected.

Children’s rights are to be CHILDREN. Not products we can buy, sell, and mistreat.

We speak about rights everyday but overlook the majority of the ones staring us in the face.

When will we wake up?

When will we see the children and countries outside of our own that need us?