2 Boys rescued from slave labor

As we highlight rescue missions and reported numbers, we would like to take time to remember survivors.

They have a lot in common.

They have been hurt, betrayed, sold, abused, victims…

They have now been rescued.

They have survived.

They are not alone…

But it’s easy to forget that they are individuals.

It’s easy to label them, but not know who they are.

Each one has their own story.

Each one has a personality, likes, dislikes, passions, and purpose.

Each one has a unique future.

Even when we may not know all of the details, we do know this:

That each one deserves our full support and recognition.

Today join us in remembering these 2 boys.

Though they were rescued together, they did not grow up together.

They were both taken away from their parents.

They were both being trafficked across the border of their home to a place they’ve never known.

They were both to be sold as labor slaves on a farm.

They both risked their futures being stolen from them by the same fate.

They both have received that future back.

And we believe that though they will both cherish that future and rejoice in their freedom, they will each grow into two, unique individuals who make an impact on the people around them.

Our job is more than saving victims of trafficking.

Our job is planting seeds for the future: praying that the hope and freedom being restored will make a better world someday.