14 years old – Intercepted before being used for sex trafficking


The story of a 14 year old girl.

You see grooming happening in countries like ours where social media is the distraction of every child, but in countries that don’t look like ours?

A girl.

Growing, learning about life, hardships, a desire to be loved.

Not much different than us.

She hears from a boy online.

Maybe it was a thrill from attention, maybe it was something in her home life, maybe she was threatened, maybe she fell in love.

Regardless of why, something this boy said made her get into that taxi.

The one taking her to him.

Where she would soon find out that he was no boy, but an older man.

A man living in a neighboring country.

A man who had now positioned her away from support, across a border.

A man who saw a girl desiring love.

A man who saw an innocence, an easy target.

A man who saw her as a profit.

A man who would use her for sex trafficking.

A man who would let others violate her in order to make money.

A man who would turn her life into slavery, her body into a tool, and her heart into dust.

Luckily, this girl was found before that happened.

She was saved from something no 14 year old should ever face.

But how many others?

How many others haven’t been saved?

How many others have had to face the reality that what they thought was love or rescue, was really a life time of abuse?


A predators tool to manipulate.

A predators tool to steal.