Age unknown – Rescued from domestic slavery and sex trafficking

What about the young women?

What happens when you fall between the cracks?

No longer a child,

But no childhood to remember.

In it’s place,

Memories of being sold, ignored, abused.

No home.

No family.

No hope.

This is the story for the young woman.

Sold at a young age, she has been trafficked through many different countries.

She has experienced domestic slavery, she has been sold for sexual abuse.

She has been so removed from herself that she doesn’t remember where she started or even how old she is now.

What about her?

She has been rescued and is now safe, but on her own she has nowhere to call home, no knowledge of independence or womanhood.

She is vulnerable.

With help from an aftercare partner, we have found a place for her to turn her vulnerability into strength.

A place she can find safety, a place she can learn, heal and grow.

A place where she can learn new trades and skills to become independent and be able to support herself.

With $650, we can change her future forever.

We can help turn her pain into purpose.

We can give her hope.

If you are unable to donate, please help by sharing this to those you know.

Together- we can make a difference.