A story of courage.

A father of a 12 year old boy wanted to provide for him. He wanted his son to have a future.

He found a job opportunity, an apprenticeship for a bricklayer.

It was in another country, but it would be worth it if his son could learn a trade and build a future.

The father went off the knowledge he had.

Without the knowledge of trafficking, without the ability to research this job opportunity, and with the pressure of the realities of where they lived, how was he to know that he was delivering his son into slavery?

A trafficker saw his 12 year old son as profit.

He lied, he made false promises, he coerced and persuaded.

And then when he had hands on his victim, he beat the boy into submission.

Like so many, this boy could have been lost, broken down, and felt hopeless in the captivity he was experiencing.

Instead, he escaped.

He encountered our team.

And now, he will be reunited with his father.

This is what Human Trafficking looks like.

Desperation. Lies. Coercion. Violence. Abuse.

We can do many things to stop it.

We can do many things to rescue and search for the ones victimized by this industry.

But we can also help others learn and protect themselves and their families from being manipulated by traffickers.

Help us spread the truth.

Help us reach others and light the way to Freedom.