Living on the streets, a young man was surviving through prostitution.

Living on the streets, a young man was surviving through prostitution.

Through the eyes of those passing him, he saw the depravity his life had led to. 





The physical state he endured was but a mirror of the emotional and mental trauma he was experiencing. 

What they didn’t see, was the child he once was. 

Like many other stories of homeless youth, his pain began as a child. 

He experienced molestation at a young age, which led to an identity crisis that was too heavy for any child to bear alone. 

As he searched for a place to belong, to feel understood, he encountered the transgender community. 

Finally willing to tell his story, this community embraced him with their own stories of identity confusion. In these communities, individuals feel a sense of relief by finding others who struggle. But, without other forms of guidance, individuals can quickly flock to false affirmations and codependency, furthering their struggle to heal. 

The community he encountered affirmed that his struggle stemmed from being the wrong gender. 

However, when his family discovered his decision to live as a different gender, his trauma was compounded. 

They physically abused him, attempted to confine him, and ultimately cast him out of their home, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets. 

Alone, frightened, and uncertain about the future, he resorted to offering his body to those who would continue to exploit and mistreat him.

Through our Recovery and Extraction team, he was found and has begun the road to recovery. 

Through the ministry of team members and the support of one of our shelters, he was given a space to be cared for, loved, and prayed over. 

A safe space where he could begin to heal without the pressure of further identity coercion. 

It is important to remember that millions of people worldwide have stories just like this one and they need the love of Christ to find freedom. 

Trapped within communities of broken and hurting individuals, they are isolated from their families, their true identities, and the opportunity to heal.

The significance of looking beyond the surface of an individual’s life is evident in countless stories across the globe.

Will you join us in praying that they will be met with love by those who can minister to them with truth and discernment just as this young man encountered? 

The thief’s purpose is to steal kill and destroy.

My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. 

John 10:10