It has been 17 months since Lantern Rescue opened its Crisis & Conflict Team programs in Ukraine.  The continued urgency to meet the needs of suffering children, IDP’s and families has driven the team to pursue not only humanitarian responses but also developing therapy programs vital to a healthy future.  These programs have become a well-known example of the power of faith, courage, and determination to help your fellow countrymen.  The number of those ministered to through our efforts is well over 100,000+.


House of Victory
The House of Victory is being created as a hub of creative and cultural development fit to host and support entire families inside the community.
Animal Assisted Therapy
Through interaction with animals, children show the ability to open up emotionally, changing and adapting to more positive emotions, impressions, experiences, and benefits.
Workshop of Goodness
Our art therapy program has helped solve the growing problem of the social adaption of children in society and the prevention of negative consequences of war in the lives of many children. 
House of Reconstruction
The housing reconstruction program is made to support single elderly individuals whose homes have been damaged by rocket attacks. 
Chaplain Program
Our team maintains consistent communication with over 25 special operations units and over twelve Battalion Commanders spread across all branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to remain updated on the most essential needs
Welcome House
Families fleeing the war zone, including those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, are able to formally register within our system to receive aid and funding.  The CCJTF guides them through the process while equipping them with support and resources.