A Child Left Behind

Twelve years old. 

Left in a war-torn country where she had no one to run to.

Her family had been in great danger due to their beliefs and had somehow managed to escape. 

Extracted by a government agency, they were relocated across an ocean to Canada. 

Amidst the chaos and panic, this young girl was separated and left behind. 

Her parents frantically contacted multiple agencies, including the one that had extracted them. 

They were told that nothing could be done, that it was too late…

They were told they would never see their daughter again. 

Having lived in an environment of persecution for years, they knew the chances their daughter faced. 

Starvation, Rape, Death, Forced Marriage…

The story has been the same for so many girls in this region. 

The mourning they felt for their daughter had little to compare to. 

With one last glimmer of hope, the family was able to reach Lantern’s Recovery and Extraction Team, and, knowing that a girl’s life was at stake, we knew we had to try everything we could to reach her. We would not tell them no, or that it was hopeless.

We know that God brings light into every situation, and by trusting Him, we got to work. 

It took time, but our networks in this region were able to locate and extract her safely. 

She has been reunited with her parents, and they continue to pray for peace and freedom for others that have been left behind. 

Left Behind